Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Karlie Tomica was 'legally drunk' when she struck and killed Stefano Riccioletti in South Beach

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Via Huffington Post:
MIAMI BEACH -- She was as drunk as a witness described.

Blood alcohol test results shows Nikki Beach bartender Karlie Tomica was three times over the limit when she plowed into Shore Club executive chef Stefano Riccioletti and kept driving.

Miami Beach Police told The Huffington Post the 20-year-old self-proclaimed "party princess" will now appear in court Friday to be charged with DUI manslaughter.

Riccioletti, a father of three, died at the scene in the wee hours of January 28 on Collins Avenue near 18th Street. His son Jacopo sued both Tomica and the nightclub last Thursday, alleging Nikki Beach operators allowed Tomica to consume alcohol underage and on the job before driving home drunk.
[Nikki Beach] is named for the daughter of the owner, who was killed by a drunk driver just weeks before her high school graduation.

Feb. 8: 'Party princess' Karlie Tomica retains high-profile defense attorney; family of hit & run victim files suit against her and Nikki Beach

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