Monday, February 04, 2013

They're calling this the best Super Bowl ad

Some are calling this ad for Dodge Ram trucks that aired late in the game, the "best Super Bowl ad."

One blogger wrote, "If you were waiting for a commercial that would be the talk of every office in America on Monday morning, you had to wait until the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl to spot the epic ad from Dodge Ram featuring the words of Paul Harvey."

Watch the ad and see if you don't agree.

H/T: Marty


  1. It was indeed one helluva good ad, and it was fun to hear Paul Harvey's voice again. He certainly gave us the best side of the best farmers around. But as one who grew up close to many of the sort, I would assert that there's nothing about working in the dirt that automatically makes one virtuous. This is well to remember in these days of corporate agriculture and the well-lobbied federal farm bill.

  2. Here's to the power of still photography!

    And Paul Harvey would the rest...of the story"...


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