Saturday, February 02, 2013

'I'm home alone, please hurry.'

Terrance Marquis Young gets a free ride to the Miami-Dade County jail
Friday courtesy of Miami Beach Police. (Photo WSVN.)

Here's a story with a happy ending that involves the Miami Beach Police Department and one you won't find in your morning paper.



Left to right: Lance Matthew Riley, Terrance Marquis Young
and Willie Devell Travis Cuyler Jr.

An 11-year-old boy's 911 call when three men broke into his home resulted in the arrest of the alleged perpetrators, Friday morning.

The Miami Beach resident said that he was just doing what his mother taught him to do in case of a break-in: hide and call 911. "I was scared to death, I was just thinking [to myself], 'I hope they don't catch me, please don't [let them] find me,'" said Lee, the young boy whose quick thinking saved the day.

After seeing three men breaking the glass in the front door, Lee immediately dialed 911.

911 operator: "911, what is your emergency?"

Lee: "Hi, I'm in Miami Beach, Florida. Someone tried to break into my house, please hurry."

911 operator: "OK, I need your phone number."

Lee: "They're breaking the door, please hurry."

911 operator: "OK, are you there?"

Lee: "Yes, I'm home. I'm home alone, please hurry."

The boy then hid behind a closet door while the alleged robbers ransacked his home, located on the 3200 block of Chase Avenue in Miami Beach. "I was in the closet, and then one of them was right in front of me trying to look around, but they didn't see me," Lee said.

Police arrived moments later, catching the getaway driver in his white Dodge Charger in the driveway. The two others took off running and were apprehended blocks away.

Lee then called his mother, Leticia, who was out exercising in the Miami Beach boardwalk. She called 911 as well, not realizing the alleged robbers had been captured.
Miami Beach Police Sergeant Bobby Hernandez credited Lee for taking the three crooks off the streets. "When the officers actually made entry into the house, they located him in the closet," said Officer Bobby Hernandez.

"When they opened the closet door, he was trembling, he was so scared, but he was still brave enough to stay on the phone [with the 911 operator]," Hernandez continued. The officer added that Lee's "first priority" following the incident "was finding Lola, his dog."
Now in police custody, the alleged thieves, Willie Cuyler, Lance Riley and Terrance Young, are facing multiple charges.

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  1. I'm glad that they were caught and that the boy is safe. I really think that the U.S. government should strike up a deal with the government of some East Asian country to punish these criminals in a way that the Constitution, unfortunately, does not permit.


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