Sunday, February 17, 2013

Your Random Pixels 'Miami Moment'®

This photo was posted on Facebook yesterday by a friend with the following caption:
Rude woman who held up the Publix express line for 15 minutes with her price questioning -- and then told those in line behind her to "kiss my a--" when we volunteered to pay the difference just to get the line moving.

1 comment:

  1. This frugal woman was correct in telling your friend and company to pucker up. How dare they humiliate her by offering her so-called charity she did not request, just to move her out of their way. The cashier should have requested the aid of the store manager, who could have promptly taken her concerns to the customer service counter.

    Normally I would not comment on this kind of tripe, however this behavior exemplifies the selfish pettiness that is becoming all too common in South Florida. Furthermore you should be embarrassed for posting your friends frivolous complaint and this unfortunate woman’s photograph. Amusement at the expense of another’s dignity is cruel.


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