Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to avoid making the same tragic mistake as 'Party Princess' Karlie Tomica

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What was 20 yr old Karlie Tomica thinking on the morning of January 28 when she chose to get in a car and attempt to drive from Nikki Beach on Ocean Drive to her home 5 miles away at Collins Ave. and 56th Street? All while drunk on her ass. Half-way home she struck and killed Stefano Riccioletti and then kept on driving like a bat out of hell.

It's too early to know whether or not we'll ever get a coherent and satisfactory explanation from her of her actions that day. Answers to any of those questions are just as elusive as any sign of remorse from the self-proclaimed "party princess."

For now, the only sign of regret comes from Tomica's attorney, Mark Shapiro, who issued this hollow statement last week: "Ms. Tomica and her entire family are heartbroken over this tragic accident. Their thoughts and prayers are with the Riccioletti family."

What we do know for sure is that she took the life of a loving father of two children.

In addition to to that, she destroyed her own life and that of her parents - who at this point in their lives were probably thinking of retirement. But now they're burdened with astronomical legal bills and the knowledge that their daughter may be spending a considerable amount of time in a state prison.

She also irrevocably altered the lives of anyone else touched by her incredibly selfish acts.

But all this pain could have been avoided for the price of a $20 cab ride.

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Miami Herald)

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  1. Other than proving that the deceased was jaywalking, and even with that I just don't see how even these legal eagles can get her off.

    Hopefully they will try to cop a plea and not risk a trial, where the only winners will be the lawyers.


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