Tuesday, April 26, 2011

DUI attorney Mark Gold demands refund from a strip club!

UPDATED @ 7:10pm Random Pixels spoke with Gold by phone this evening. Gold declined comment on the lawsuit saying, "I can't comment on pending litigation."

Mark S. Gold
Miami DUI attorney Mark Gold, founder of The Ticket Clinic, is demanding a refund of $18,930 in charges a Miami strip club put on his credit card.

Presumably, some of that 19 grand went for lap dances.

(Random Pixels saw the inside of more than a few strip clubs back in the day. But when we were going, lap dances had not yet been invented so we're not even sure how much a lap dance costs. Okay, it was the Aquarius on LeJeune Road if you must know!)

South Florida Lawyers reports that Gold is alleging, "The defendant, [Goldrush,] a strip club, served the plaintiff, a lawyer, so much alcohol that he became "temporarily unconscious, and further to the extent that he had a complete loss of judgment, rational thought, or the ability to enter into lawful contracts or agreements." Then the defendant charged his credit card $18,930 for "goods and services."

Objection, your honor! Wasn't Goldrush just doing their job? Isn't that why someone goes to a place where alcohol is served...to get shit-faced?

And Kyle Munzenrieder at Miami New Times has a question:  How can "someone can rack up $18,930 at Goldrush. How many lap dances can that buy you? Did he agree to pay for a strippers college education or something?"

Gold should know better. After all, in his TV ads he brags that he was going to traffic court when other attornies "were still in diapers."

So, if you're reading this Mark, here's a site that caters to horny guys just like yourself. And you can probably get away with spending a whole lot less than 19 thou!

Strip Club Lawsuit

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