Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New county manager re-shuffles executive office staff

UPDATED @ 10:30pm with additional info on the mayor's former communications director, Victoria Mallette-O'Bryan.

Brand new Miami-Dade county manager Alina T. Hudak has posted several memos on the county's website since assuming office March 15.

But one interesting memo she's written is missing. The one that answers the question a lot of people have been asking: What happened to Carlos Alvarez's staff?

In the memo - written two weeks after her appointment - Hudak details changes she's made in executive office staffing at County Hall.

A couple of highlights from the memo: Victoria Mallette-O'Bryan, former mayor Carlos Alvarez's Communications Director, has been re-assigned as a public information officer at the Office of Emergency Management and will receive a layoff notice on April 27.

(Mallette-O'Bryan's page has been removed from the county website but a cache can be found here.)

Several others will also be laid off.

Matthew Pinzur, former Miami Herald reporter and special assistant to former county manager George Burgess, "continues providing support to county manager; assumes additional responsibilities to provide support to six departments assigned to Jennifer Glazer-Moon," according to the memo.

Hudak also says she has decided to "close two satellite office used by the previous Mayor and terminate the lease in the one not housed in a County building."

Alina Hudak re-shuffles executive staffing at County Hall.




  2. "But you won't find one interesting memo."

    Is that supposed to read "But you will....?"


  3. No.

    In the sentence before I talk about how she's posted several memos on the county's website.

    My point is that this memo is not there as in "you won't find it." It's missing.

    I probably could have worded it a little more elegantly.

    Perhaps I should have written, "you won't fimd one interesting memo she's written."

  4. I've re-written that sentence to make it more clear. Thanks.


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