Saturday, April 02, 2011

What was on your mind this week?

Presenting the past week's most clicked-on posts at Random Pizels.

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Miami New Times [briefly] pulls suspect restaurant review A short post on another blog about the mysterious disappearance of a restaurant review from Miami New Times' website caught my eye. A little digging and a call at 11:30pm to Route 9 restaurant in Coral Gables yielded this wildly popular post. The foodies were outraged! In 3 days it's garnered over 300 views.

Luther Campbell is no longer the least qualified mayoral candidate This post touched on the fact that no matter how mediocre some candidates for elective office are...there always seems to be someone more mediocre and unqualified lurking in the wings.

Snapshots from the Funkshion Fashion Week Concert after party Thanks to the miracle of Youtube, some less than stellar moments from a weekend concert on Miami Beach are preserved for posterity.

Miami Beach police backpedaling on arrest of North Miami man Miami Beach police quietly drop charges against a man arrested on Miami Beach and WSVN is the only one reporting it.

Miami-Dade County employees: bringin' home the bacon! Posted almost 5 months ago, this post revealed that over 10% of Miami-Dade government workers make over 100 grand a year. Proud to say that this post played a small part in the recall of Mayor Carlos Alvarez.

2010 Miami Beach Memorial Day arrest report Posted almost a year ago, this post still gets dozens of views a week from people looking for info on arrests made during Memorial Day weekend on Miami Beach over the past 10 years.

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