Saturday, April 16, 2011

Donald Trump brings his freak show to Boca Raton

Donald Trump brought his sideshow to Boca Raton this afternoon.

And, as with any sideshow, there were more than a few freaks in attendance.

There was one at the podium with really bad orange hair.

And at least one in the crowd with a bad hat.

Ordinarily I don't give a rat's ass about Donald Trump. I figured out a long time ago that he's living proof that having money doesn't automatically mean you have class.

But my Random Pixels Palm Beach correspondent sent me a few pics which is all the reason I need to do a post on The Donald.

photographs for Random Pixels by the Boca Flash

Is Trump a serious candidate? From Talking Points Memo:
On Friday, Karl Rove told Fox News Trump is a "joke candidate" because of his birther-centric media cavalcade.

"He's off there in the nutty right, and is now an inconsequential candidate," Rove said.

Today in Boca, Trump seemed to relish the criticism from members of his own party. In his speech to the tea party rally, he excoriated Rove. The tea partiers, no fans of Rove from back in the days of Christine O'Donnell, booed Rove's name when Trump mentioned it.

"It's amazing," Trump said. "He's so against me, because I am questioning. All I want to see is the guy's birth certificate."
Wow! When Karl Rove starts calling you a right-wing nut, you know you're in trouble.

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