Saturday, April 02, 2011

REVEALED! How to get free passport pictures!

Overheard in a camera store:

Customer: I want to test this camera with my memory card so I can check the pictures at home on my computer.

Salesperson: That’s very smart of you – of course I’ll let you do that.

Customer: Can I try it with a background flash?

Salesperson: Normally I’d say no, but I’m not busy… so… sure, why not?

Customer: Can we shoot it on a white wall with even lighting?

Salesperson: Whatever you’d like.

*Customer shoots a few frames of the Salesperson*

Customer: Can you shoot some of me?

Salesperson: You’re just using this for a passport photo, aren’t you.

Customer: How’d you know?

Salesperson: I shoot over 20 passport photos a day and you thought I wouldn’t catch on?

Customer: No.

-via PetaPixel

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