Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Life in the South Florida blogosphere

Among the many joys associated with perusing South Florida's vast blogosphere, are the occasional and fascinating glimpses into the lives of fellow bloggers.


Just the other day, "Rick," of the South Florida Daily Blog shared his experience of having his car attacked by paintballers.
For those of you lucky enough not to have been targeted just yet, the paint does wipe off with a damp towel but it's the hard-to-see splatters that you have to worry about. You really don't want them to have the chance to dry.
"Rick's" report was a public service.


I had no idea that South Florida's crime problem was this bad. Or that Pembroke Pines had become such a hotbed of criminal activity.

Now, if only we had a newspaper that reported on the kinds of things that "Rick" so diligently covers with his blog.

If only....

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