Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Miami-Dade police Sgt. Reinaldo Ruiz arrested [UPDATED with narrative from arrest report]

UPDATED @ 7:15pm, Monday with narrative from BSO arrest report:

BSO responded to a domestic violence in call in Broward County...

Upon arrival deputies met with victim who issued a sworn taped statement advising the following allegations.

Victim stated incident involved ex husband and current boyfriend, 1800 hours while they were attending a Heat game at AAA. She stated she did not want to hold Ruiz's hand b/c she was hot and her hand was sweaty.

She said Ruiz became angry with her and started calling her selfish bitch, bi-polar, lesbian, prostitute and whore.

She said she left AAA and Ruiz refused to drive her home.

She didn't have a cell phone to call anyone to pick her up.

She flags down a cab and tell cabbie to take her home to the city of ________.

She said that on the way home Ruiz used his vehicle to cut off the taxi cab.

She said he yelled obscenities from his vehicle.

Victim states she gets home, couldn't gain entry to property b/c Ruiz deactivated gate code.

She jumped over fence and makes contact w/ Ruiz's father.

Ruiz's father lives in separate home behind the Ruiz home.

She tells father of Ruiz she wants to get her stuff from the house. Then the Dad, makes contact w/ Ruiz.

Then Ruiz approaches her continue his verbal abuse.

She sits down on front step since she is denied entry into the home. She is now arguing with both dad and son.

She said Ruiz gets a semi-automatic gun from the trunk of a MDPD police car. She said he racked a round into the chamber, pointed the barrel to the ground and held it by his side. He then paces back and forth at times coming within 2 feet of her.

She said he never pointed the gun at her.

She said he is now arguing with her and the dad now.

She then said she was in fear of her life and pleaded for him to put the gun away.

She said that she thought he was going to shoot and kill her and pleaded w/ him to put the gun away.

After 10 minutes he says, ok, you win, go get your stuff.

He put the gun on the driver's seat of the cop car and shuts the car door.

She goes into master bedroom to get her stuff. She begins packing. She has bags easily available b/c he has been abusive in the past.

He comes in a dumps all her stuff out of a bag onto the floor. She tries to call 911 twice but can't because he keeps knocking the phone out of her hand.

He asked if she was calling someone to **ck. He grabs her by the hair, she falls to the marble floor.

He drags her from bedroom to foyer area by the hair. Bedroom and foyer are 200 feet away.

She sustains bruises, knots, bumps to leg back and neck.

He let her go when he couldn't drag her through the front door. She runs back to bedroom and calls her mother for help.

Ruiz came to bedroom closet and grabs AR-15 from one of the closet shelves. He again points this gun to the ground too...two feet away from her.

He continues w/ verbal abuse.

She remembered that he has said in past that the AR-15 is loaded in case of emergencies and thought he was going to kill her.

After 5 minutes of this, he leaves. He then returns without a weapon.

She then says her brother arrives to pick her up.

As she walks out of house he uses forearms to push her out of the house. Brother witnessed this part.

Deputies get sworn statement and take pictures of her injuries.

BSO tries to contact Ruiz but can't get to him b/c of gate.

It should be noted your affiant also met w/ victim on 3/31/2011 @ approx 1610 hours and obtained a digitally recorded sworn statement advising same.

The offense set forth in the forgoing Affidavit is contrary to the statue in such case made and provided, and against the peace and dignity of the State of Florida.

Miami Dade police Sgt.
Reinaldo Ruiz
-from Local 10.com:
A Miami-Dade Police officer is under arrest on suspicion of aggravated assault and domestic violence charges.Broward Sheriff's Office deputies arrested Sgt. Reinaldo Ruiz, 47, on Friday in Southwest Ranches.

Ruiz is charged with two counts of domestic aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent and one count of battery
So far, Channel 10 is the only South Florida media outlet reporting the story. Not an important story in the grand scheme of things, but a story nonetheless about a police officer allegedly using a weapon in the commission of a crime.

Ruiz, who's been with the department for 27 years, has managed to keep his name out of the news until now.

He does show up in a 2006 Miami Herald story on overtime paid to Port of Miami police officers.
Miami-Dade County Police Officer Luciano ``Lucky'' Sanchez worked so much overtime at the Port of Miami-Dade in 2005 he nearly tripled his $60,000 base salary to $172,688, county records show. His colleague Frankie Buckner did even better, turning the same base salary into $180,212. Officer Reinaldo Ruiz managed to turn his $70,200 base salary into $181,561.
Sanchez, Ruiz, Buckner and many of the other officers at the port are within a year or two of eligibility for their public employee's pension - which is calculated based on the officers' best years of income.
And Ruiz shows up on the list I posted last Nov. of Miami-Dade county employees who make more than $100,000 a year.

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