Monday, April 25, 2011

Zacharie Perez just might be the luckiest man in Dallas

-thanks to Jeff for the heads up.

How lucky can a guy be who has his motorcycle rear-ended on a Dallas freeway and then gets sandwiched between the car that hits him and a car in front? And then, after all that, gets thrown into the next lane of traffic -- where he barely misses being run over by a white SUV?

How lucky?

He lived to tell about it.

Bruce Tomaso of the Dallas Morning News has the story:
"I'm all right," the motorcyclist, 25-year-old Zacharie Perez, said in an interview. "I guess I was pretty fortunate."
"Everyone who's seen the video says I was lucky," he says. "My fiancé's mother said everyone she knows who's been involved in a motorcycle accident is either dead or paralyzed."

Perez, who was wearing a helmet, is already back at his job, working for Viverae, a corporate wellness company. He expects to make a full recovery, though he says he still has a slight limp and chronic back pain, along with soreness in his knees. Because he's still healing from the spleen surgery, he said, "I can't lift anything over five pounds."
Lesson learned? Always wear a helmet!

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