Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Busted by a blogger!

Kudos to fellow blogger Elaine de Valle for a scoop that's made its way to the pages of the Miami Herald.

A few nights ago de Valle caught State representative Frank Artiles with his pants down... in a manner of speaking.
TALLAHASSEE -- More than 170 days since Republican Rep. Frank Artiles was elected, he still hasn’t moved to the west Miami-Dade district he represents in the Florida House — a potential Constitutional violation that could cost him 5 months’ pay.
Artiles was caught living in his Palmetto Bay home two nights ago when a Miami political blogger knocked on the door of his Palmetto Bay home.

Wearing gym shorts and socks as he watched the Miami Heat basketball game, Artiles admitted to blogger Elaine de Valle that he didn’t live in his district, she wrote.

“I’m moving to West Kendall next week,” he told de Valle, a former Miami Herald reporter, according to a Tuesday posting on her Political Cortadito blog. When she pulled her video camera out to interview him, she wrote, he closed the door on her.
Congratulations Elaine! We've been following your blog for a few months now and we like what we see. We know what you're feeling right now. It's always nice to see a story you've broken first end up in the pages of the local paper. Keep 'em coming


  1. Wow. Busted! She's all over it.

  2. I congratulate her on this scoop. However, I read some of her posts. What jumped out at me was how she analyzed and parsed every move by Kate Callahan's run for political office but seems to treat Carlos Gimenez as the second coming of christ. She didn't mention any of his transgressions or the baggage he brings along, particularly where it concerns the fire department. Granted these are 2 different races, but both are politicians in Miami-Dade County.
    I do like her style, but just remember to not confuse opinions with reporting.


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