Friday, March 30, 2012

Because it's all about you, isn't it, Calvin?

Calvin: Back in the land of the
bottomless mojito!
Local 10's Calvin Hughes has to be one of the most clueless news anchors...ever.

According to a report on Thursday night's 11pm newscast on Hughes' and colleague Jen Herrera's return from their "exhausting and exhilarating" trip to Cuba where they covered the Pope's visit; Hughes actually admitted - before God and the world - that it wasn't until he had been in Cuba for a few days that he realized he was a Communist country.

Reporter Sasha Andrade's report was filled with a few other fun - but mostly embarrassing - facts gleaned from the perky news duo's trip down south.

If you didn't see Andrade's report, here are the low-lights:
  • Jen used the word "amazing" twice in a two-minute report to describe the Cuba trip. ("Amazing people" and "amazing experience.")

  • "All the cell phones were cut off, the Internet was cut off, the bars were closed early because they didn't want intoxicated people," said Herrera. (Hey Jen...Perhaps the real reason the authorities closed the bars was to keep Calvin "Happy Hour" Hughes from getting sloshed on mojitos.)

  • "When you were in the barricaded area, they could pretty much change the rules. You realize very quickly that you're in a communist country," said Hughes. (No one can ever accuse Hughes of being a slow learner.)

  • But, the Random Pixels Tip of the Hat goes to Andrade for coming up with this unctuous and smarmy line to end her piece: "While a piece of Cuba will always live in their hearts, after the trip to the communist island, they said there's no place like the land of the free."

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