Wednesday, March 28, 2012

About last night...

So there I was last night at The "rakontur: The First Ten Years" retrospective at the O Cinema.

In attendance were some of the "cast members" of the highly acclaimed rakontur film, Cocaine Cowboys, including a former drug smuggler, a former Miami police homicide detective, a former prosecutor, a former MiamiHerald crime reporter, a lawyer who did time in prison for scheming to obstruct a federal grand jury investigation into a drug-trafficking operation and other shady characters and former shady characters.

The evening reminded me of one of those WWII reunions where former American and Japanese soldiers get together and talk about how they tried to kill each other. But, in this case it was cops and drug dealers and a crooked lawyer or two.

But acting as a counterbalance to all those folks were Aleksandra, Hannah and Meghan.

Aleksandra, Hannah and Meghan.

(Click here for more pics.)

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