Friday, March 23, 2012

THIS JUST IN! Local 10's Calvin Hughes survives 'grueling' trip to Cuba!

Local 10's Calvin Hughes and Jen Herrera are in Cuba to cover the Pope's visit.

The trip will be an excellent opportunity for Calvin to meet some actual Cubans; something he obviously never does here in South Florida.

Local 10 insiders tell me that Calvin prepared for his trip by spending every available minute of the last few weeks on Wikipedia.

Local 10 is the only South Florida station with a crew in Cuba. If you watch Local 10 news, you'll be reminded of that numerous times over the next week. Bet on it!

Calvin reported on his blog that the trip to Cuba was "arduous" and "grueling."

Yes, he actually wrote those words:
The long, arduous journey into Cuba was grueling, but expected. We were warned to anticipate long delays and searches at the airport. I thought this process would take maybe one or two hours. Turns out, retrieving our luggage took three times as long as our flight from Miami which lasted less than an hour.
"Three times as long as the flight"? Oh, my God, Calvin! Are you OK??

This morning Cal and Jen met with Cuban government officials.
We just wrapped up our meeting with Cuban government officials to talk about our "boundaries," but apparently, there aren't as many as we thought. We did request several interviews, including one with Raul Castro, Fidel Castro and Elian Gonzalez.
Local 10 has posted a slide show of pics of Calvin and Jen on the plane and on the ground in Cuba.

Here's one of the photos along with the actual caption.

FRIDAY, MARCH 23 - Jen and Calvin already at work.

At work? Looks like they're on their honeymoon.

And, coming up tonight at 6...Calvin meets an actual Cuban person and tries out his Spanish!

And, according to my sources at Local 10, here are just a few of the other stories Calvin and Jen will be working on while in Cuba:
  • Calvin goes deep-sea fishing with the Old Man and the Sea.

  • Jen goes clothes shopping with the Ladies in White.

  • Calvin can’t get an interview with prisoner Alan Gross, so he searches for Havana’s best corned beef sandwich.

  • After a drunken night in Havana, the Local 10 crew convinces Calvin that "jinetera" is Spanish for "school teacher."

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