Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Random Pixels Losers Corner welcomes...

Coral Springs police officers Nicole Stasnek
and Derek Fernandes

...Coral Springs police officers Nicole Stasnek and Derek Fernandes.

They're the latest South Florida cops to get caught falsifying a police report and then lying about falsifying a police report.

Stasnek and Fernandes are being investigated by Broward County prosecutors for filing false documents following an encounter with Susan Mait, a 60-year-old widow from Coral Springs.

Last October, Stasnek and Fernandes rolled up behind Mait while she was stuck with two flat tires on Royal Palm Boulevard.

Instead of trying to help Mait, the two cops got belligerent with her and escalated what should have been a routine matter of cops helping a distraught, stranded motorist into a rude, profanity-laced confrontation that ended up with Mait going to jail and the two cops falsifying a police report.

The Miami Herald's Adam Beasley reports...
None of this would have happened if the driver — Susan Mait, a 60-year-old widow from Coral Springs — hadn’t dropped her phone to the floor of her SUV while the cops yanked her from the vehicle. Unbeknownst to any of them, the phone was still connected to a GEICO customer service rep, who, following company policy, recorded everything that happened.

The audio tape, made public this week, depicts a starkly different exchange than what Stasnek and Fernandes described in their reports and during questioning under oath.
It's nice to know that Coral Springs cops have eliminated all crime in their city and now have time to go out on the streets and look for stranded motorists to harass!

And for that, Coral Springs officers Nicole Stanek and Derek Fernandes are the newest inductees into the Random Pixels Losers Corner.

Here's WSVN's report:


  1. She should sue for 3 or 4 million. Poor training and pure evil is an uderstatement. Those cops should be thrown off the force in disgrace and prosecuted for their crimes and should be forced to suffer the degradation, humiliation and pain of prison. That would be justice.

  2. Kinda looks like the officer is doin webporn

  3. I'd like the Coral Springs police department to publish a proper picture of Nicole Stasnek so that others who didn't have the benefit of a recording device may come forward with problems that they may have had with her.


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