Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Miami Beach police Internal Affairs investigating incident involving one of their own

UPDATED at 4:30pm: The Miami Herald's David Smiley tweets...

The Miami Beach police Internal Affairs unit is conducting an investigation into a weekend incident involving one of their officers.

If the allegations are true, it would be just the latest in a long line of embarrassing episodes for the department.

Random Pixels has learned that a Miami Beach police officer may have been involved in one what a source is calling, "a near collision" involving the officer's police vehicle and a car driven by a postal inspector.

According to the source, the officer, Michael Veski, and the postal inspector had some sort of an exchange.

But, the source adds, the postal inspector is alleging that Veski was not the one driving the police vehicle. The source tells me that a friend of the officer - who is not a cop - was behind the wheel.

The postal inspector has allegedly told Internal Affairs investigators that when Veski exited his vehicle he was holding a beer.

This afternoon Miami Beach police spokesman Juan Sanchez confirmed to me that an investigation into the incident is being conducted by Internal Affairs, but declined further comment. Sanchez also declined to confirm the name of the officer. But, Sanchez denies there was a "near collision" between the two vehicles.

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  1. Why is it that this IA case with Lt. PA is not getting the press coverage that the other two officers are. Channel 4 said they got an anonymous tip through random pixels and all hell breaks loose for MV and ED. lol. Yeah right. Chief Martinez you are one corrupt cop. You are going after these two cops with a vengeance without a completed investigation yet Lt PA's file is on your desk with 5 substantiated counts for months and nothing has happened to him. He altered web staff to appear he was at work even though he was not. He denied that to IA then had to admit to it once IA checked the system and found out that he was lying.That's theft and making false statements to IA chief. Both are grounds for termination yet you turn a blind eye to that investigation. By altering webb staff, Lt PA altered a public document. Since he is a police officer, he committed a felony by doing this. Yet you ignore that too. Not only do you ignore it but you even separated Lt PA's case from the other supervisors involved in the initial case. You demoted every one of those supervisors and fired one.
    Your other Lt is on you tube punching a handcuffed prisoner twice in the face. Not once but twice. There is no way to defend those actions!!! It goes against all training and acceptable methods of controlling a handcuffed prisoner. A simple leg sweep would have done! Even pepper spray. Yet you show up at every roll call and bring up the video making excuses for the Lt because he is one of your boys. You even stated that he struck him with an open hand even though the video clearly shows a closed fist. Unbelievable !!! Do you expect us to sit there and believe your BS.
    Where is random pixels and the other reporters on these two incidents? Why no hard core reporting there? Oh yeah that's right chief, you already got to them and gave them a load of BS to cover the truth like you did at all the roll calls.
    Why is the city managers personal assistant now working out of your office chief? Especially after the rumors of a domestic dispute at the city managers house? No random pixels, you won't find any evidence of that call via the regular 911 lines. This will be a cell to cell call I'm sure.
    Corruption at its best.



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