Sunday, March 18, 2012

Miami has a starring role in "Magic City"

Can't wait to see "Magic City," a new TV show set in pre-Castro, 1959 Miami.

"Magic City" premieres April 6th on Starz.

From the Miami Herald's Rene Rodriguez:
Unlike other TV shows such as Dexter and CSI: Miami, which are filmed primarily in L.A., all 10 episodes of Magic City were shot entirely in South Florida, because [writer-producer Mitch] Glazer felt actual locations were critical to recapture the sense and feel of the era. To house the vast lobby of the Miramar Playa, with its 50-foot ceilings and marble and terrazzo floors, the production built soundstages at the Bertram Yacht headquarters on the Miami River.

“If I had a billionaire friend, I’d tell them to build a proper soundstage facility in Miami, because film productions will definitely come,” Glazer says. “We ended up at Bertram, which isn’t soundproof, but we made do. If some wealthy investment guy built a facility in Wynwood, where there’s a lot of property available and all these great restaurants, it would become something really great.”

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