Friday, March 09, 2012

Marlins stadium parking problems: Déjà vu all over again?

Back in the day, only a lucky few got to park on the grassy parking spaces
at the Orange Bowl.

From today's Miami Herald:
Early verdict on Marlins stadium parking: It ‘really stinks’


Congratulations, Marlins fans, you have a beautiful ballpark. Good luck getting there — and finding a place to park your car.

For fans driving to the ballpark Wednesday night, a wreck on the Dolphin Expressway was only half the headache. For the first time since the complex was unveiled last weekend, fans came to grips with the reality of a 37,000-seat venue with fewer than 6,000 on-site parking spots.
So who's to blame for this?

How about Claude Delorme?

From the Palm Beach Post, Sept. 22, 2011:
At new Florida Marlins stadium, getting a ticket won't necessarily mean getting a parking space

After Claude Delorme moved to South Florida from Montreal seven years ago, he decided to attend a few events at the Orange Bowl. But Delorme wasn't there to watch the University of Miami Hurricanes storm the field via their smoke-filled tunnel, wasn't interested in mega-concerts and certainly didn't make a beeline for the infamous concession stands.

"I wanted to focus only on the parking," Delorme said.

It wasn't a bizarre hobby, but rather research for his role as the Marlins' vice president of ballpark development. Next season, the Marlins will move to their new ballpark on those old Orange Bowl grounds.
Parking will be included in most season tickets, but if you have season seats beyond the baselines or buy single-game tickets, your best options will be to use shuttle services from nearby lots, public transportation or someone's lawn.
I wonder if Claude still has his job?

But, besides attending a few events at the old Orange Bowl, did Claude conduct any kind of research? After all, the problem of parking at sports venues in South Florida is not exactly new.

Let's take a trip down memory lane.

Miami Daily News, Nov. 30, 1957

Miami News, Aug. 5, 1971

Miami News, June 30, 1976

Miami News, Oct. 4, 1982

Miami News, Sept. 13, 1984...City manager Howard Gary pulls gun on two
men who parked on his lawn during a football game at Orange Bowl.

And in 1987 when the Miami Dolphins abandoned the Orange Bowl for the new Joe Robbie Stadium, they took the parking problems with them.

Miami News, July 30, 1987

Miami News, Aug. 17, 1987

Hopefully, the parking problems associated with the new Marlins Stadium can be solved. Perhaps an answer can be found in some Orange Bowl history.

In 1966, they simply tore down some of the homes in the neighborhoods surrounding the Orange Bowl to make room for more cars! Problem solved.

Miami News, Aug. 25, 1966, (Click to enlarge)

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