Monday, March 05, 2012

Memo to all South Florida law enforcement officers

TO: All South Florida Law Enforcement Officers

FROM: The Random Pixels Common Sense Desk

SUBJECT: Proper use of patrol vehicles

Just a reminder that police vehicles are not to be used for transporting furniture, mattresses, farm animals, cats, dogs, parakeets, women you meet in a bar, alcoholic beverages - either to or from "choir practice" - and last, but not least, hookers and other non-law enforcement personnel.

Additionally, please be aware that this is 2012 and there are cameras everywhere.

Mattress cop relieved of duty

A Miami Dade Police officer has been relieved of duty after using her patrol car as a delivery truck.

32-year veteran Sandra Lyles was just days away from retiring. According to a viewer, Lyles was seen loading mattresses onto the top of her patrol car at the Big Lots store at N.W. 57th Avenue and the Palmetto Expressway.

The outraged viewer took pictures and sent them to Local 10.

Miami-Dade Police say it is a clear violation of their policy and immediately took Lyles' patrol car, badge and gun. The incident is currently under investigation.

Lyles was not on duty at the time.

Miami-Dade Police officers who live in Miami-Dade are allowed to use their patrol cars for personal use in Miami-Dade County to run errands, but this was going too far. The policy increases police presence and if they see a crime can jump into action.

Miami-Dade Police apologized for the incident and say this incident does not reflect the entire department.

According to personnel records, Lyles is not a model officer. In 1990, she was taken off the streets and assigned as a secretary and has been suspended twice for being in "preventable" crashes with her patrol car.

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  1. Being a fairly new resident to the Tri-County area, I have seen more dangerous and obnoxious behavior from their Law Enforcement than anywhere I've ever lived. This is plain ignorant! She could NOT go on a "chase" with these on top of the car if something (more dangerous) than an officer driving with TWO mattresses on top of their car was to happen. Where do they get their Officer's and Deputy's in the Tri-County area? I've seen something negative once or twice a month about law enforcement the past year. This looks like a SNL skit! Topping off the embarrassment with being on leave WITH PAY (as shown on the news).


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