Monday, March 12, 2012

Miami Beach city manager Jorge Gonzalez set to name city's next police chief

Several well-placed sources are telling Random Pixels that Miami Beach city manager Jorge Gonzalez has decided his picks for the city's next police chief and assistant police chief.

Gonzalez made his selection from four finalists who were in the running for the job of top cop.

I'm told that Gonzalez will recommend to the city commission that Assistant Chief Raymond Martinez - who has been serving as acting chief for the past few months - be named chief.

Additionally, I'm told that Gonzalez plans to recommend Hialeah Police Chief Mark Overton for the job of Assistant Chief.

A source tells me that Bal Harbour Police Chief Tom Hunker - who was the choice of at least one Miami Beach commissioner - received a call today telling him that he will not be Miami Beach's next police chief.


  1. Poor Tommy LOL!!!!!

  2. Is that photo on the right next to Tom Hunker Al Capone or Tom Hunker or the same thing?

  3. I thing the only difference between Tom Hunker and Al Capone is the era they did their deeds in.

  4. I hear Capone is still trying to muscle his way into the Miami Beach Police Chiefs position by using a politician-- typical for Capone?

  5. Gesh grow a spine don't hide when attacking someone online.

  6. Dear Bal Harbor PD: Please keep Tomal Capone


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