Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Coming soon to Miami Beach, red light cameras!

A source tells Random Pixels that Miami Beach officials are moving forward with plans to install ten red light cameras at intersections throughout the 7.1 square mile city.

The City of Aventura raises $1 million annually from four red light cameras.

A Herald story last Jan. 25 said that Aventura was considering "levying fines not only on red light runners but on those who ignore flashing red lights in the wee hours as well. Aventura contracts with American Traffic Solutions."

Here's how the Miami Beach cameras will work.

The cameras will detect movement in an intersection after a light turns red. The images will be transmitted to the red light camera company the city has a contract with.

The company will forward the images to the police department. Police officers will then review the images and determine if a violation occurred based on the information in the photo.

If they rule that a motorist ran the light, the motorist will receive a bill from the red light camera company. The company and the city split the money.

Municipalities throughout the country have turned to this method of enforcement because, they say, it increases safety.

However at least one study appears to refute that claim.

Exactly when the Miami Beach cameras will be installed is unknown.

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  1. Here's a head's up for ya, they have the cameras here in New York for year's and they've proven that they have shorter Yellow light times than a regular Traffic light.
    So even if you think you have time, you don't! More city/state sponsered extortion to squeeze every last penny out of the working class.


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