Thursday, February 26, 2009

The latest from Val Prieto

Apparently overthrowing a dictatorial tyrant, while satisfying, doesn't pay a whole lot!

Val Prieto at shares a tale of woe with his loyal readers. Seems his trusty Nissan Pathfinder just refused to start one day. Also seems that Val wasn't exactly flush with cash.

But leave it to his homeboy Roger at Sierra Auto Service - 3695 SW 7th St. **thankyouverymuch** - to come to the rescue!

Val saves the best for last. Seems he's so broke he can't afford a haircut either!
"Oh, and just above that new ad [for Sierra Auto Service] is the donation button, please consider dropping a few bucks in the old till. It would sure help me out right now to be able to afford stuff like, say, a haircut. I haven't had one since December and I'm looking a lot like Link from the Mod Squad."
I admire Val's desire to rid Cuba of Fidel, but I doubt that donating to Babalublog is going to do much to hasten his demise.

In Val's world it's OK to donate money so he can get a haircut but just don't send any of that money to Cuba or you'll be branded as a loser!

But here's a thought. Why not stop getting your hair cut until Fidel dies? Or just try Supercuts! Only 15 bucks!

In any event Val - in the words of Bill Clinton - "I feel your pain!" Literally.

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