Saturday, February 14, 2009

Worth reading!

"One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives."
~ Euripides

Just catching up on some of the things that other South Florida bloggers have posted regarding my clash of words with the "bomb throwers" and fascistas.

Below is a list - by no means complete - of some of the things that South Fla. bloggers have posted.

All chicken, no eggs: from bark bark woof woof

Ybor City Stogie

Hyperventilation, South Florida Style: from The View from the Docks

Babalu v. Everyone: from Dolce Miami

Buildings and Food

From Lola's Lips

In Defense of the Constitution of the United States: from Man or Maniac

Babalu blog - Will sue for attention: from Miami Nights

In other news: I'm putting together the graphics for a new, soon-to-be-launched Random Pixels feature that will highlight past pearls of wisdom from Babalu's Val Prieto.

I'm thinking of calling it something like "Daily Affirmation With Val Prieto" or "The World According to Val"

Rick at SFDB has done a great job of shining a light on these clowns and exposing them for the hypocrites they are, but I think it's time for RP to enter the fray with something slightly different.

After all, Babalu is treasure trove of material that's too rich for just one South Florida blogger to mine. Because if vitriol, bigotry, lies and slander were gold, the Babalu blog would be the Fort Knox of South Florida's blogging landscape.

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