Friday, February 20, 2009

Hey commish, dummy up means just that!

Last night at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival's $1,000-a-plate dinner for the King and Queen of Spain at the Biltmore, several F-bombs were dropped in the presence of the Royal Couple according to the Herald's Lydia Martin.

Now a source tips Random Pixels to another embarrassing international incident that unfolded here on Miami Beach sometime around noon Friday and that may culminate with Spain declaring war on the Beach.

Miami Beach city officials were in a reception line for the King and Queen of Spain at the Wine and Food Festival.

Before the event, the city officials were briefed on proper royal etiquette which included what to say and what not to say, and above all the officials were told that under no circumstances were they to touch their Royal Highnesses.

In other words, to paraphrase Archie Bunker, "dummy up!"

Fast forward -- King and Queen moving along reception line greeting city officials when Miami Beach commissioner Jonah Wolfson - dressed in a "raggedy t-shirt and jeans" - reaches out and touches Queen Sofia's arm and asks her, "Hey Queen, can I get a picture?"

A security man quickly intervened and corrected the commissioner, "Please address her as Your Highness or SeƱora."

Needless to say the commish didn't get his Kodak moment!

No word on the current whereabouts of the Spanish armada.


  1. I am so sick of all the media fawning over the South Beach Wine and Food Festival. Reason? The price! I was thinking of going but then saw how much tickets cost for the various events. $212.50 for the tasting tent? $550 to eat with Emeril Lagasse? In this economy? WTF? Emeril should cook dinner for that price, and give foot rubs afterward.

    Why isn't the media covering this angle -- it's as if the papers are all so star-struck by Mario Batali, Rachel Ray et al., that they refuse to see the real story: that this event has become too expensive!!! Frankly, it's offensive, in this economy that the promoters would even charge these kinds of prices.

    I know there's a $20 family event at Parrot Jungle, but that looks like it's for families with kids - which is fine, but not something I'm interested in. With prices like these, I'd rather go to a decent restaurant (and not crowd into some hot tent with thousands of other people) or just stay home and cook.

  2. Had the Spaniards not let skeeters drive them out of Miami in 1570, their royals would not have to put up with such gnats while visiting.


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