Monday, February 02, 2009

Pics from a proud dad!

My longtime friend Joe is a photojournalist.

He's not a big e-mailer and only recently joined Facebook.

So when he sends me a photograph I know it's a big deal!

In the past 18+ years he's sent me exactly two photographs.

The first was back in the summer of 1990.

Joe sent me an extraordinary photograph of his brand new baby girl who was just two months old.

Joe was hired to shoot a gathering of of the original Mercury 7 astronauts and took baby Molly along for the ride.

That's Molly in the center being held by the widow of Mercury 7 astronaut Gus Grissom and surrounded by Scott Carpenter, Gordon Cooper, John Glenn, Alan Shepard, and Deke Slayton.

Fast forward some 18 years. Joe sends me an e-mail last June 6 and attaches another pic of Molly who's all grown up. And hanging out with another American who has his sights set high.

Seems like she'd been working on Barack Obama's campaign for a few months and was part of an advance team that helped with a town meeting in Bristol, VA. and was lucky enough to have her picture taken with the "the boss."

Molly's on vacation now in Rome with her boyfriend (at left in above picture) and she just posted a note on her Facebook page that she can see the Pope's bedroom from the balcony of her apartment.

As for Joe, he tells me that he can't be prouder of Molly!

But that goes without saying.

Molly tells me in an e-mail that she doesn't think she's all that interesting.

A few of us beg to differ Molly! You're something special!

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