Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Miami Herald to Fidel: "Die already!"

"The problem is that just when you get attached to them, they die on you." -Fidel Castro on why he once declined to accept a long-lived Galapagos tortoise as a pet.

The Herald has big plans for the day Castro dies. Who knew?

What does Miami's most prestigious information source have in store for the day that Fidel croaks?

Anders Gyllenhaal, the Herald's executive editor tells Editor and Publisher:
"There is no other story like this. What happened in Cuba, in many ways, built Miami."

Gyllenhaal declined to offer too many specifics for the plan, other than to say a special section is likely and possibly an extra edition: "depending on when the news comes out."
Manny Garcia is the Herald's Senior Editor for News revealed in a column Sunday that he travels everywhere with what he calls " 'the Cuba plan,' a three-ring binder with every possible scenario for when Fidel dies. Calling-tree diagrams. Bank accounts. Satellite phones. Fixers. Fast boats."

Hey Anders and Manny, here's a tip: Don't make any plans for next April 10!

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