Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Geniuses at Babalu blog

Until earlier this week I'd never paid much attention to "Henry Louis Gomez," one of the bomb throwers and cyber-terrorists over at

Henry also runs a blog called Herald Watch that he doesn't bother to update much and as a consequence no one bothers to read.

Henry, it appears, isn't very well liked outside of his little circle of sycophants at Babalu.

And, no wonder.

Here's a guy who seemingly can't write anything without it looking like the obscenities scrawled by some pre-pubescent boys in the bathroom at a junior high school.

(You gotta love those guys at Babalu. They actually think that are hastening Castro's demise with their little tree-house, backyard Mancamp blog. One of the ways they do that is by not capitalizing Castro's name when they write about him. Take that Fidel!)

But take a look at how carefully Henry presents his point of view here in a post on Babalu. Note his careful choice of words and the calm, dispassionate manner in which he lays out his argument. With geniuses like Henry arguing the plight of exiled Cubans, is it any wonder that those arguments are received with suspicion or indifference outside of South Florida?

Last Tuesday Henry stopped by Random Pixels to leave some rodent droppings in response to my post the hypocrisy at Babalu. Some of Henry's ramblings:

"Dude, do your really think that that argument holds water? Or you just being douchie douche's do boy? Do you think your "you guys are just like fidel" argument is original? Please.

Your unoriginality belies your illogic.

Are we just like fidel because we enforce the rights to our own space, the space we pay for (not get for free from blogger) the way we see fit?

If I were fidel, I'd come to your house with a gun, break down your door and take you out back and have you shot. But I have no interest in doing so because despite your dumb accusation I share nothing with fidel.

We're free Americans acting freely. Apparently that's not good enough for you. In order for me to enjoy my rights they have fall into line with your worldview. I must accept that f**khead Rick is linking to us. Well you're wrong sweetheart.

The constitution does not guarantee Rick or you or anyone a right to link to Babalu or any other blog.

Oh you can link but once that link hits our server we have the right to send you anywhere we want. Don't like it? Change the f**king channel. That's freedom.

I have no obligation to accept links from people who openly hate me. I'm not a glutton for punishment like Rick who doesn't feel alive unless people are hating his guts.

By the way, you may be some sort of photographer but your photoshop skills are terrible. No wonder you had to steal a banner from Babalu."
"By the way, when c**ksucker Rick deletes my comments because he doesn't like being called what he is, doesn't that make him "just like fidel"? Everybody is a little fidel, right?"
Hard to believe that a grown man wrote that. Brilliant Henry! Stop by more often!

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  1. You've earned a block, Dude! It means they're scared of you, too.

    Welcome to the club!



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