Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Things are tough all over!

In case you've missed a car or mortgage payment in the past few months here's a little item that may make you feel better.

The New York Times reports today that celeb photographer Annie Liebovitz - who makes more money than God - has, in essence, hocked a home and three townhouses and all of her photographs in return for two loans of over $15 million.

The Times reports:
"For her $5 million loan, Ms. Leibovitz put up as collateral a country house in Rhinebeck, N.Y., three town houses in Greenwich Village and all “copyrights ... photographic negatives ... contract rights” existing or to be created in the future, according to a loan document filed with the City Register’s Office in December. That month, Art Capital granted her an additional $10.5 million loan, which was to consolidate the existing mortgages on her homes, according to loan documents."
Things might be bad for Annie but something tells me she won't be applying for food stamps anytime soon.

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