Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Miami New Times editor sanctions graffiti

Miami New Times editor Chuck Strouse has posted an item on Riptide 2.0 today that contains some double-speak I thought only the Herald was capable of.

Commenting on the defacing of a sign on I-95 Strouse writes:
"Now El Jefe is no fan of graffiti generally and we know it takes a lot to clean up...but this is very cool. Get on the highway to see it before it's gone. And we salute you Buck 50."
Damage from graffiti costs an estimated $12 billion damage in the U.S. annually.

That's cool? Perhaps your brain has gone soft after taking that 10% pay cut earlier this year.

So if any of you taggers are looking for a place to unleash some spray paint, might I suggest Chuck's $800,000 crib in the Shores?

Maybe he'll invite you in for a drink after you get finished painting his house!

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