Thursday, February 05, 2009

No parking? No problem! UPDATE

Today, one day after my post about chronic parking violations at the Starbucks at West and Ave. and 10th Street on the Beach, three Miami Beach parking enforcement officers showed up and started writing tickets.

The sudden appearance of three parking enforcement vehicles sent several Starbucks patrons scurrying to move their cars.

Did they show up because of my blog? No, not really.

It took a polite call to the parking enforcement complaint desk to get action. The officers arrived within 10 minutes.

One officer explained to me that they call areas like this "hot spots;" locations where numerous violations occur.

Now if we can just get a little enforcement against guys like this who park their cars in the middle of West

Avenue while they go into the stores that line the block.

This guy was parked in the middle of the street for at least 15 minutes while he retrieved his dog from the veterinarian.

The irony of all this is that there isn't a shortage of parking on West Avenue.

The building that houses all of the shops on West Avenue between 9th and 10th Streets, also contains a secure muti-level public parking garage that's just steps away from stores and restaurants. It costs an astronomical $1 an hour to park there.

Of course that's an inconvenience to the "The rules don't apply to me" crowd.

They'd rather break the law.


  1. This is a constant problem for that area.

    When I sit at that Starbucks, I am always shocked at the balls of people parking in illegal spaces, double parked, or leaving their car in the middle of the road. I wouldn't be surprised if, one day, someone just pulled up on the side walk.

    Not to sound petty, but the cars are always late model, expensive Mercedes, BMWs, etc.

    Arrogance is the creed of these fools.

  2. Wow. Having lived in Chicago for years, I'm well-acquainted with people who double park, but I've NEVER seen anyone leave their car in the middle of the road, in the opposite lane!, to conduct business in a storefront. That's STAGGERING.


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