Monday, June 20, 2011

Christopher Jahn gives Random Pixels a civics lesson

Christopher Jahn
I don't get all that many comments on my posts here at Random Pixels. But when I do, they tend to be doozies!

Consider this perspicacious comment left by Christopher Jahn last night in response to my post about Miami photographer Carlos Miller.
Freedom starts in the streets, Bill. In our homes, and in our daily boring little lives. Not in the headlines.

Carlos clearly understand what's important, and we're lucky to have him.
You're right Christopher. I don't know what was I thinking when I questioned Carlos' commitment and passion in standing up for our First Amendment rights.

He is, clearly, a living, breathing, walking embodiment of Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King ... all rolled into one.

Just look at this picture of Carlos confronting a Ft. Lauderdale police officer at Friday's First Amendment protest.

Carlos Miller, right, bravely confronts a Ft. Lauderdale police officer, left, at Friday's First Amendment rally.

Looking at that photograph, I was immediately reminded of a similar photo of a protest from the Civil Rights era.

Birmingham police turn a police dog loose on Walter Gadsden, May 3, 1963. Photograph by Bill Hudson.

And Christopher, your point was driven home even more forcefully when I watched this video....

....of Carlos' dramatic and historic protest last Friday. As I watched, it suddenly dawned on me that Carlos is a beer-swilling, modern-day equivalent of a 60's Freedom Rider; ready to sacrifice all for the cause.

And I was struck by the eerie similarities between Carlos' rally and the recent anti-government protests in Egypt.

You are so right, Chris. We're lucky to have Carlos. He's a true First Amendment warrior. Thanks for helping me to see the light.

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