Tuesday, June 07, 2011

They said it

"Remember there are camera phones everywhere." -comment left on a Miami Beach police officers' message board; posted on May 15, 2011, two weeks prior to the May 30 shooting by police of Raymond Herisse.

"He didn't say nothing. He just snatched me by my head and threw me on the ground and stepped on my back, threw [the camera] on the floor, stepped on it and was cussing me out the whole time." -Narces Benoit, a Palm Beach County man who shot the above video, describing actions of Miami Beach police on the morning of May 30.

"Recently in Egypt, Syria and Libya citizens and photojournalists have risked, and in some cases given, their lives to provide visual proof of repressive governmental activities. It is truly a shame that what is viewed abroad as heroic is considered as suspect at home."  -Mickey H. Osterreicher, General Legal Counsel of the National Press Photographers Association, in a letter faxed today to Miami Beach Police Chief Carlos Noriega objecting to the seizure on May 30 by Miami Beach police officers of cameras belonging to bystanders and photojournalists.

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  1. And they say cops are good, with a few 'bad apples'. Just the opposite. And when people try to document it, they become targets of police wrath. Just search for news reports of recorded police activity. Many end up with charges being filed against citizens who did nothing wrong, but simply recorded the police.

    Those sworn to protect and serve may have joined the force with noble intentions, but after a short time being exposed to the worst society has to offer, they've become so jaded and warped, they see everyone (other than fellow blue) as out to get them. Never mine the 'above the law' perks they get. And this video is a clear example of how that manifests itself. Unfortunately, their actions are causing such resentment among the law-abiding public, they are creating their own worst fears - that we really dislike, distrust, and despise anyone in uniform.

    What I can't figure out is how, despite such blatant police abuses, the public still goes so overboard with the hero worship when one gets offed. Anytime there is an officer death, our local news goes on 24-hour mourning mode that is nauseating. These are the same guys that could care less about your rights, or your excuses when they have you over a barrel.


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