Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tampa man kills alligator and deer with his new AK-47, posts pics on Facebook

photo via Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Kyle Edwards, a 21 year-old Tampa man who's an avid outdoorsman, probably won't be nominated for a "Sportsman of the Year" award anytime soon.

From the St. Petersburg Times:
Tampa man accused of posting Facebook photos of illegally killed alligator, deer

By Craig Pittman, Times Staff Writer

A Tampa man is facing criminal charges for trying out a new firearm on some wildlife.

He shot an alligator and a deer, state wildlife officials say, using an AK-47 he'd recently bought at a Tampa gun show

What tipped them off? Kyle Edwards, 21, posted pictures of his kills on Facebook, wildlife officials said. Someone who saw the photos notified the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.
Full story here.

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