Monday, June 06, 2011

Miami Beach Memorial Day police shooting caught on video by Narces Benoit is online

Raw, shocking video is now online that shows Miami Beach police firing more than 100 rounds into a car in the early morning hours of Monday, May 30.

Late Monday afternoon, CNN reported it had purchased the video, shot by Palm Beach County resident Narces Benoit. Benoit recounted for CNN's Brian Todd, how he shot and then concealed the video from police by hiding the SIM card from his camera phone in his mouth.

Narces Benoit, of North Palm Beach, captured video of the police-involved shooting. The video is close as several officers fired into a car, killing Raymond Herisse, 22.

Benoit simply walked away with his camera, but then, officers confronted him.

"What I saw on the videotape is shocking," said Reese Harvey, Benoit's attorney.

Harvey said police confronted Benoit at gunpoint, took his camera phone, smashed it and put him in handcuffs.

"Did your client have a gun? Was he armed in any way?" Local 10's Ross Palombo asked.

"No. I'm not aware of anything like that," Harvey said.

"What was the reason? What was the alleged charge, or what was the violation?" Palombo asked.

"That's something we're still investigating," Harvey said.

Benoit was questioned and released. Police kept his camera phone, but Benoit kept the video by hiding the camera's memory card in his mouth.

"He actually put the SIM card in his mouth," Harvey said.

But, his attorney has now released the video to police and asked for an explanation.

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