Friday, June 17, 2011

The Random Pixels crime file: Vancouver rioters have their own Facebook page

Tim Elfrink of Miami New Times writes,
"The Boston Bruins destroyed the Canucks on their home ice last night, with goalie Tim Thomas pitching a shutout while one-time-Florida Panther Roberto Luongo imploded for three goals.

"The Canadian masses, it is fair to say, did not deal well with the disappointment."

Vancouver Sun video by Mike Hager.

And now, we're learning - according to Gawker - that freedom may be coming to an end for many of those who rioted in Vancouver following the Canucks' loss:
"Loads of photos [are] on a Facebook group and Tumblr set up by Vancouverites to out the rioters. There are also pictures all over Twitter, where the mayor and police have issued tweets asking people to preserve their videos and pics of the rioting."
The Facebook Vancouver Rioters photo page has over 83,000 likes....and lots of pics!

Vancouver rioter tries to set a police car on fire.

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