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Is Florida Governor Rick Scott a psychopath?

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Is Florida Governor Rick Scott a psychopath?

Well, let's look at the definition of a psychopath:
Superficially charming, psychopaths tend to make a good first impression on others and often strike observers as remarkably normal. Yet they are self-centered, dishonest and undependable, and at times they engage in irresponsible behavior for no apparent reason other than the sheer fun of it. Largely devoid of guilt, empathy and love, they have casual and callous interpersonal and romantic relationships. Psychopaths routinely offer excuses for their reckless and often outrageous actions, placing blame on others instead. They rarely learn from their mistakes or benefit from negative feedback, and they have difficulty inhibiting their impulses.
"Placing blame on others?" That sounds familiar.
TALLAHASSEE — Protesters should not have been removed from a state budget signing ceremony in the Villages last week, a spokesman for Florida Gov. Rick Scott said Friday.

Spokesman Brian Burgess said the governor did not order anyone to be kicked out of the May 26 event. But he said Scott would take responsibility.

"There appears to have been confusion among event staff, including an employee of the Governor's Office, about whether the event was public or private," Burgess said.
Didn't know what was going but accepts responsibility. It was the fault of someone else. Sounds like a pattern.

From May 20, 2010:
As former CEO, Scott accepts responsibility for what occurred at Columbia/HCA but had no knowledge of the fraud at the time, [spokeswoman Jennifer] Baker said.

"Rick didn't do anything wrong," she said. "If Rick had known what was going on, he would have corrected the problem immediately."
Scott was unaware of the billing practices and "would have fired any employees found engaged in that activity," Baker said.
Is Rick Scott a psychopath? I'll leave that for you to decide.

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