Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Julio Robaina...definitely not ready for prime-time!

Julio Robaina wants to be Miami-Dade county's next mayor.

If elected, he would lead a county government with over 30,000 employees and a oversee a budget of some $7.5 billion.

So who has he surrounded himself with?

Idiots, apparently!

Check out the embarrassing mistakes on a flyer his campaign put out announcing an event in Aventura Thursday.

The list of "Invited VIP's includes "Former Governer Jeb Bush." Governor is misspelled.

"[Miami] Mayor Thomas Regalado". Regalado uses Tomás, not Thomas.

"[Miami Beach] Commissioner Geroge Expozito." They've mangled the spelling of George AND Exposito. And, as in the case of Regalado, Commissioner Exposito goes by Jorge and not George.

It occurs to me that the Anglicization of the first names of Regalado and Rxposito wasn't a mistake. Perhaps it's an effort to pander to the largely non-Hispanic crowd this event is expected to draw.

But, I've saved the best for last. For some strange reason, they couldn't even correctly spell the name of Luther Campbell...even though he's listed as a "SPECIAL guest of honor." They turned Campbell into Cambell.

The good news is that they've correctly spelled the name of the other "special guest," former Miami-Dade transit director, Roosevelt Bradley.

But, still unanswered is, why would Robaina invite a man to this event, who was fired from his job as transit director? Does Robaina plan to give Bradley a job if he's elected?

Is this how you plan to run the county, Julio?

-flyer via SFDB


  1. also jonah wolfson has endorsed the other guy...and I don't see Jeb getting anywhere near this event after julio's poor performance in the first round.

  2. I guess working with Mayor Robaina in Hialeah doesn't require one to be an honor's student in English. i have worked with people like this and as long as it sounds close to English (with a Celia Cruz' accent) this is the kind of crap they put out. I'll never forget getting an email that said "please delay your clocks forward" to remind me that daylight savings time is coming up and to reset my clocks.

    It was obvious that the nitwit that sent it was not fluent in English after living in the U.S. for over 40 years!


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