Monday, June 13, 2011

Miami Herald runs Macy's ad selling Heat ‘NBA championship’ shirts


What? They didn't win? Ooops!

Sure, it would have been nice if the Heat had won. No one would have been happier than the folks at the Herald.

Just think of all those extra copies of the paper that would have been snapped up by Heat fans looking for a memento of the big win.

But the Heat didn't win.

So, how do you turn a newspaper full of stories about a losing team into a collector's item?

If you're one of the marketing geniuses at the Herald it's simple. Just run an ad congratulating the team on their big win!!

image via Miami New Times

So, how did that ad end up in the paper?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Jeff Schultz explains:
It’s common for print publications to have two display ads ready to go in championship events. T-shirt manufacturers do the same thing. But what makes this mistake unusual is the Heat trailed the NBA finals three games to two going into Sunday night’s game and were not yet in a position to win the best-of-seven series.
And Miami Herald sportswriter Greg Cote proves he hasn't lost his sense of humor by Tweeting this:

Greg Cote
Macy's ad in today's Miami Herald congratulates Heat for 2011 championship. Next: Macy's congratulates Rep. Anthony Weiner on reelection.

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  1. Fitz would have definitely caught this before it went to print. When was his last day? The week before I think ... Way to go, Herald.


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