Tuesday, June 21, 2011

President Obama magically soothes crying baby! [VIDEO]

Michelle Obama is shocked as her husband magically soothes a crying baby. (Click image to enlarge)
Is there nothing this guy can't do?

At a recent White House meet and greet, a wonderful thing happened that would make just about anyone smile, regardless of their political persuasion.
President Obama and wife Michelle encountered an upset and crying baby. When asked for a photo with the commander-in-chief, the First Lady proceeds to hand the crying child to the president, only to watch the baby nearly instantly stop crying.
Of course, there's a tiny segment of the population in this country who just can't let go of the hate.

Some visitors to the FOX News website couldn't refrain from making racist comments about the video; which the FOX News webmasters have seen fit to leave intact. (Scroll down past video to see screenshot.)

Click to enlarge.

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