Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Creepy Rick Scott: Now, he's creepy AND annoying!

Doesn't this guy ever learn?

Florida Governor Rick Scott is now "frightening" Florida voters.
Looking for support, Gov. Scott gets on the phone — and dials you

by Adam C. Smith
St. Petersburg Times Political Editor

The calls have been coming most every week, the same amiable voice on the other side of the line.

"Hi this is Gov. Rick Scott. I wanted to personally call and share some very encouraging news about our efforts to get Florida back to work. ... Unemployment is down for five straight months, bucking the national trend."

On Friday, Scott's recorded voice told an undisclosed number of Floridians how he's cutting property taxes, a reference to his cutting back water management districts. Before that it was about fighting drug abuse and vetoing "wasteful special interest projects" by fellow Republican legislators.


Odessa resident Kathy Winarski, a registered independent...was "a little frightened" the first time she picked up the phone and heard Scott's voice. "Why's he bothering me with this?

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