Tuesday, June 14, 2011

FOX News' Judge Andrew Napolitano talks about Urban Beach Weekend and gets most of it right

I pretty much agree with most of FOX News judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano's points in this piece that aired last week. However, hizzoner may want to go back and do a little fact-checking.

In his commentary titled "The state of the police in a police state," the judge leads off his rant about the right of citizens to film the police by recounting the events on Miami Beach in the final hours of Urban Beach Weekend.

But, at one point the judge mangles the facts when he says, "we know from a local news station that the police stole and destroyed one of its cameras." Wow! I wonder why that's been covered up.

A Miami Beach police officer did seize a camera from a Channel 10 photographer; but it was returned within minutes.

Another Miami blogger has also posted this video, but for some reason he fails to mention the judge's glaring error. Strange.

So while the judge got some of his facts wrong, the video does serve as a tutorial on why you should rely on many sources for your news.

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