Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jeff Klinkenberg: still striking out with the girls

From the Miami Daily News, Dec. 23, 1951

My friend Jeff Klinkenberg, is a self-described "loser," who, as a teen-ager growing up in Miami, didn't get many any dates.

A half-century later, Jeff is still striking out.

"My courtship of Bunny Yeager began last summer when I punched her number into my phone and felt like a nerdy kid asking Gaga out on a date," writes Jeff for his latest story that appears in Sunday's St. Petersburg Times.

Jeff drove down to Miami last month, and the two of us went looking for the legendary, but painfully reclusive glamor photographer, Bunny Yeager.

The Harold Golen Gallery in Wynwood had mounted a show of her self-portraits.

Surely, she'd show up for opening night.
"Bunny isn't coming," [Golen] was telling visitors. "I'm sorry. She said she was going to try and come but she won't be here."
Jeff and I didn't get to meet Bunny, but Jeff's story is further proof why he's still Florida's best storyteller.

Click here to read the story.

Jeff Klinkenberg interviews public relations maven Tara Solomon and artist
Carlos Betancourt at the Harold Golen Gallery in Wynwood last month.

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