Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Raymond Herisse ID'ed as man shot by Miami Beach police on Memorial day weekend

Raymond Herisse

UPDATED @ 10pm, June 6 with newly released cell phone video of the shooting.

CBS4's Jim DeFede is reporting that the man killed by Miami Beach police in the Monday morning Memorial day shooting is 22 year-old "Raymond Herisse, a Palm Beach County man with a long criminal history who has served prison time."

The Palm Beach Post reports that "Palm Beach County jail records show that [Herisse] has been arrested 13 times since 2007."

DeFede also reports that sources tell him that "more than 100 rounds were fired by police, including four Hialeah and eight Miami Beach officers. All twelve officers have been placed on administrative leave for discharging their weapons, according to sources."

On Wednesday, Miami Beach police chief Carlos Noriega told Local 10's Glenna Milberg that investigators have yet to interview any of the 12 officers involved in the shooting.

"The officers have not been interviewed. We haven't spoken to them, but obviously, looking at the entirety of the incident, there was multiple attempts to hurt police officers, hurt pedestrians, and we're very fortunate that we don't have an officer seriously injured or killed at this point," said Noriega.

Noriega also told Milberg, "The initial event was the officers trying to stop the individual at 16th Street and Collins Avenue."

The now famous videotape of the shooting shows the car stopped at the intersection before police fire into it. Police did not recover a gun from the vehicle.

Police now say "they found a black Berretta 92-F semiautomatic pistol that was out of plain sight," in Herisse's car.


  1. KEEP YOUR CAMERAS ROLLING ON THESE EVIL ANIMALS. The police's mindless Murder. DISGUSTING. 100 shots at a parked car. DISGUSTING. firing guns at a moving vehicle hitting local people. DISGUSTING. Planting a gun after 3 days. DISGUSTING. pointing guns at witnesses. DISGUSTING. Smashing witness evidence. DISGUSTING. GOOGLE Raymond Herisse. Came from suburban neighborhood. 2 Minor drug arrest. IF THESE CRIMINAL COPS ARE NOT GIVEN LIFE IN PRISON. THIS COUNTRY WE LIVE IN WILL BE ONE MORE MURDER CLOSER TO A DISGUSTING SH*T HOLE.

  2. @Anonymous...Well said!


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